Courses Overview

Each course is a workbook of 4-6 pages that include exercises which promote cognitive awareness to the specific topic’s material.  The course’s curriculum is inmate-friendly, meaning the language is tailored to the prison culture and specific examples that relate to life in prison.

Mindset Makeover Changing your thoughts to change your ways. This course requires you to take an honest look at your life and the way you think and then personally decide if you want to make the necessary changes which promote your personal satisfaction. What becomes apparent is the SHIFT you will experience once applying the concepts that are offered here.

Biological BlueprintWhat qualities you inherited to become who you are. The course helps you look into your past choices, your childhood background, and your family’s lineage to pinpoint why you are the way you are (i.e. alcoholism, anger problems, violence, etc.) Then, you will notice that simply becoming AWARE of these attributes you can apply them appropriately.

Self-Awareness  – Nurture your good qualities and eliminate the negative ones. This is an excellent course which helps you see yourself for who you are and then target the areas of your life which is causing problems. You’re then provided with tools that will help you harness your strong areas and nurture your weak areas. There is no quality that you possess which is BAD, you simply misused them.

Goal Gaining Setting your goals and making them achievable. Starting out small is key when it comes to obtaining your goals successfully. This is not the average goal setting course, instead you are taught ways to GAIN the goals you want to set for yourself. You can become much more success by following the formula included in this course.

Perspective PersonifiedSeeing the world through more eyes than only yours. The science behind why we do SEE everything is imperative in the concept provided in this course. You will learn how to tackle the weak areas in your personal perspectives on the outside world and obtain tools for visualizing much more than is available to the naked eye. Your deductive reasoning will also improve and you’ll begin to think outside of the box.

Dreaming in ColorMaking your dreams a reality is a tough task. Many times we dream until we build up resentments because we don’t know how to go from dreaming to being. This course serves as a bridge between the two which will help you move from dreaming to actually living that dream. The “secret” lies in positive thinking power and harnessing the energy of optimism.