The CORE organization is a non-profit group of educators that provides incarcerated students with self-help course materials to assist in their process of rehabilitation. We create curriculum that is specifically designed for incarcerated individuals.

We promote education, restorative justice, and self-progress—one student at a time.

How do I get started? 

Simply choose which course you would like to take by writing it down on a piece of paper (or an application), enclose payment (by institutional check, money order or stamps) and mail to the Core Address listed below. Once your payment and course request is received, your materials will be forwarded to you immediately. The 2-4 week delivery time is based on each institution’s incoming mail delays (processing, inspection, distributing). Your assigned educator will patiently wait for your completed work and upon arrival, your Certificate of Completion & Letter of Recognition will be sent to you. 

Can my Family or friends pay for my courses? 

Absolutely. Simply forward your request to family/friends and they can send the (money order/stamps) payment to the Core address. Make sure they include your complete address so we are aware who the payment and request are for.

Can we share course material with other individuals? 

Sure. We encourage you to get others involved in your personal learning process. However, you cannot make copies of the course materials and pass it along. We have a roster of students that become assigned to specific educators. If someone turned in completed course work and was never assigned an educator, they will not get credit for their work because they never signed up.

Paying with stamps cost more than the price of each course, why? 

Stamps do not have an exchangeable monetary value. However, we can use stamps to correspond with incarcerated individuals and forward the materials. We also want to provide you with as many alternative paying options as possible taking into consideration the limitations your circumstances may include. The price for each course strictly pays for the course materials, shipping and other operational costs. The educators are volunteers that are strictly concerned with helping others.

How will my assigned educator grade my work? 

Our grading system is not academic based. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to emotions and self-help progress. Our educators will simply review your completed coursework to ensure that you placed effort into the material. On occasion, an educator may refer other programs/resources to a student based on their specific needs.

*They may also provide research and other assistance to their assigned students.

What are courses available? 

  • Mindset Makeover Changing your thoughts to change your ways
  • Biological BlueprintWhat qualities you inherited to become who you are
  • Self-Awareness  – Nurture your good qualities and eliminate the negative ones
  • Goal Gaining Setting your goals and making them achievable
  • Perspective PersonifiedSeeing the world through more eyes than only yours
  • Dreaming in ColorMaking your dreams a reality

What are methods of making payment?

You can purchase the courses online under The Courses

Payment may be made by Money Order/Institutional Check to: CORE
(3 complete books of (20) Forever Stamps will be accepted as payment for each course.)

Please send course request (on a piece of paper)
and payment to:

P.O. Box 1361
West Sacramento, CA 95605
Email: CORE.educators@gmail.com  / (916)209-0233                       

If you have questions that are not included on this page, we welcome you to ask.

Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your question(s) or use our online contact form