Guide to Strive Workshop

This initiative will incorporate  peer to peer mentoring principles which can benefit both the mentee and the mentor. CORE will incentivize individuals (Ambassadors) to recruit recently released individuals to: 1) attend the “Guide to Strive” workshop, and 2) award both the mentor and mentee for completing a Success Plan. 

  1. The Guide to Strive workshop will be held at three State Universities and one California University across California; Fresno State, San Francisco State, San Diego State, and Berkeley University. The workshop will have present; faculty  instructors, guidance counselors, financial aid counselors, and formerly incarcerated students/graduates. The workshop will include a testimonial share-out of the formerly incarcerated students/graduates experience(s) with pursuing college (who will receive a $250 speaking stipend), an informational presentation on current post-secondary opportunities, and an introduction to the Mentoring Program. 
  1. The Mentoring Program will incentivize 16 Ambassadors with a $250 stipend to share out their college experience(s) with attendees while recruiting mentees. Each Ambassador is responsible to mentor, uplift and inspire the mentee to complete a Success plan. A success plan is a step by step goal sheet that leads to college enrollment. Once complete, each mentor and mentee will be awarded $50 for preparing for 21st century careers and demonstrating college persistence.

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