Offender Responsibility Program

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The Offender Responsibility Course is an advanced, interactive & educational study that guides criminal offenders through the process of understanding their role of responsibility post-conviction, victim impact awareness, and how to make amends with restorative justice principles. The eight week course is structured two hours each of meditation, a lesson presentation, group discussion/exercises, character-building segments, and progressive journaling. This course is suggested for offenders which have already completed a form of victim awareness studies.

Guide to Strive Workshop

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This initiative will incorporate  peer to peer mentoring principles which can benefit both the mentee and the mentor. CORE will incentivize individuals (Ambassadors) to recruit recently released individuals to: 1) attend the “Guide to Strive” workshop, and 2) award both the mentor and mentee for completing a Success Plan. 

  1. The Guide to Strive workshop will be held at three State Universities and one California University across California; Fresno State, San Francisco State, San Diego State, and Berkeley University. The workshop will have present; faculty  instructors, guidance counselors, financial aid counselors, and formerly incarcerated students/graduates. The workshop will include a testimonial share-out of the formerly incarcerated students/graduates experience(s) with pursuing college (who will receive a $250 speaking stipend), an informational presentation on current post-secondary opportunities, and an introduction to the Mentoring Program. 
  1. The Mentoring Program will incentivize 16 Ambassadors with a $250 stipend to share out their college experience(s) with attendees while recruiting mentees. Each Ambassador is responsible to mentor, uplift and inspire the mentee to complete a Success plan. A success plan is a step by step goal sheet that leads to college enrollment. Once complete, each mentor and mentee will be awarded $50 for preparing for 21st century careers and demonstrating college persistence.

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